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Hardware Services

We will repair or replace almost any computer or laptop component if it is viable this includes laptop screens, hard drives, memory, motherboard, processor, fan cleaning or replacement, power supply, optical drive, laptop hinges and or plastics.

We will do no commitment estimates for £8, if you go ahead with work half of this price is refunded hence only £4 for estimate.
Basic Repair Cost £35
HDD From £44
Motherboards From £32
Memory is Currently about £30 for 4gig ddr3, older memory is considerably more we do complete upgrades motherboard cpu and memory for under £200 giving you the latest in speed and technology for much less than a new machine!

Laptop Screens Range from £56 to £160, we supply replacement chargers at around £15 all models, batteries vary from £25 to considerably more.
Software Services

We undertake most software issues again basic fixed price applies £35 unless many issues and much work. There is an additional £20 charge for saving all personal documents (pictures, music, document files, etc.) and Windows reinstall is £40 not £35 provided you have your license key on the bottom of your laptop or the side of your computer, otherwise you will have to buy a license key. We can usually get this at a slightly better price than most retail outlets but the choice is yours.
If you supply the key we will install at a fixed £40. If you are unable to boot or accidentally formatted your drive we can usually recover your data for under £100 if the hard drive has totally failed chances are 'slim' of recovery, unless you pay a data recovery lab £1000's. Virus, malware, Trojan, and rogue ware removal al come under the fixed £35 charge.

Other Services and Callout
We offer a call out service Locally (Within Bucks, Beds , and Nothants.) at £25 Additional to above basic £35 if the callout only entails advice or estimate Then price is £33 (estimate cost plus call out).
We offer Laptop and Computer repair services as well as a range of software services including data recovery,
virus removal, reinstall with all documents preserved, and almost anything to do with computers and networks.
MKLaptopRepair subsidary of ATX Star Computer Solutions